• Access to the restaurant area only with mouth and nose protection

• Distance markings in the restaurant area according to official requirements

• Disinfectant dispenser in the restaurant area with the request for hand disinfection

• Plexiglass panes to protect our guests at the bar in the restaurant

• Notes on limiting the number of people in public toilets

• Instructions on compliance with the hygiene rules (thorough hand washing, sneeze and cough label, prescribed minimum distance) in public areas.

• Ensuring air circulation through regular ventilation of all public areas in the house

• In direct contact with guests: wearing a mouth and nose protection on the part of the restaurant staff

• Disinfect the credit card terminals after use

• Thorough cleaning and disinfection of all contact objects and surfaces in the entire restaurant

• Reduction of contact objects and decorative material in the restaurant (flyers, magazines, vases, etc.)

• Comprehensive training of the staff according to the current hygiene standards

• Regular adaptation of the hygiene concept to the current legal situation or the corresponding official orders

Stay healthy!